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  • LAGIS Literature Database

    The LAGIS literature database on the regional history of Hessen contains a bibliographic overview of a variety of subjects and aspects of the history of Hessen from the early Middle Ages to the present. It grew out of the pragmatic efforts of the employees of the State Office for Regional History of Hessen and other historians and is continuously being up-dated. The database contains bibliographic entries on old and new monographs and articles. » Search the database

  • Hessian Cultural Studies online

    Hessian Cultural Studies on the Net [description follows]. » Search the database (Simple Search)

  • Hessian Bibliography

    The Hessian Bibliography is the central source of documentation for any monographs, journal or book articles, newspapers, maps, as well as any audio-visual media and electronic publications on Hessen. It is being maintained by the HeBIS network of Hessian libraries and mainly collects information on publications after 1977, although increasingly older titles are added as well. An interface between the Hessian Bibliography and the Hessian Information System on Regional History (LAGIS) that will allow for platform independent research is currently under development. » Search the database (Simple Search)

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